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MASHARIKI TV is a Burundi based Television whose main goal is to promote integral and sustainable development of communities, to foster political dialogue and reconciliation process with a particular focus on women and youth. This is done so as to encourage them to actively participate actively in public and private life, and for decision-makers to take into account their concerns.

Mashariki TV’s news and events are published in four languages as follows: Kirundi (local language), French,  English and Swahili. The medium is made of two audiovisual departments: Television channel and online platforms namely Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter account. Presently, Mashiriki TV is ranked the first
online Burundian Media mostly followed.

Mashariki TV also produces programs, magazines, reports or documentaries that can be broadcasted by other channels in the region or elsewhere or other forms of broadcast.

A partnership should also be initiated with television and other production companies in the region to develop a program for the exchange and coproduction of audiovisual works.


Furthermore, a partnership with public and private institutions and local authorities should be initiated.